Wuyi Tea is produced in the Wuyi Mountain area in northern Fujian Province. It is the best among Chinese oolong tea and one of Chinese top ten famous teas. As Wuyi Mountain has many steep cliffs and the tea trees naturally grow in the cracks, Wuyi tea is also named as ‘Rock Tea’. And as the local tea farmers well used the rock pits, stone gaps and joints to build the stone shore for planting, the region therefore gets the name ‘The Potted Tea Garden’. The mission of Lore of Tea is to introduce UK the premium quality of this Wuyi Rock tea, using those with most interesting characteristics such as varietal expression and ageability as a media to understand the culture behind, as well as tea knowledge introduction, themed tasting and tea products to guide customers into the complex world of Chinese tea. And we are commissioned to refine the brand strategy and visual communication.


Boutique Tea Retailer / London, UK


Brand Strategy / Visual Identity / Print / Packaging / Brand Collaterals


We have always believed that the true Chinese way of tea (Teaism) is a very complicated system. It not only pays attention to tea art and ceremony, but a comprehensive concept of incense, music, landscape art, appreciation of poetry, environmental atmosphere, interpersonal relationships, and ethics at the moral level - a multi-dimensional system with high spiritual and cultural connotation. And the tea-drinking part often serves as a link between each chapter. In order for consumers to have a rich cultural experience, the brand needs a visual communication system with deep culture heritage that brings consumers into the traditional Chinese cultural atmosphere.


During the research, we found that China has six major catalogues for both tea and painting. We experimentally matched them in pairs, chose to match Wuyi rock tea with ‘The Elegant Collection’(“雅集”) which is the representative style of the landscape watercolour paintings of the Ming Dynasty. In the collective painting, the colour theme of the animals and the landscape is teal and yellow of straw, which relative to the soften iron-cyan with purple colour style Wuyi tea, and also perfectly matches the environmental friendly paper materials of the packaging. And tea stories in the painting render a simple and elegant lifestyle and the philosophical concept of the harmonised state of the nature and the humanity, which consist with the inner qualities of active, sweet, cool and fragrant of Wuyi rock tea.


Once again we have created a bilingual system, one of the most traditional Chinese font style is chosen for both of its simplified font style and the sense of ancient.


We have designed a variety of printing implementations specially for the performance polo shirts, to achieve the final effect of full cohesiveness and impression of ultimate quality the products always deserved.