Kapitan Projects

Headquartered in centre London. The Client specialises in successful IT project leadership and project recovery, and focuses on working with ‘bluechip’ internationally (EMEA). The company is actively applying previous team experience seeking to expanding its client portfolio in Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Banking, Telecoms and with Systems Integrators.
Industry / Location
IT Solutions / London, Great Britain
Scope of Work
Visual Identity / Brand collateral design / Print management / Web design
The Problem
It’s been a while that the business is aiming at more powerful clients, however, their brand visual representation are still remain under-developed. We are briefed to create new look effectively to convey the nature of the business with the senses of feeling of leadership, high-tech and international.
The Concept
We highlighted the head of letter ‘i’, conveys a sense of caution, reflecting the leadership of the brand. The resulting logo is purposely kept the sense of agility in appearance to reflect the company’s leadership and smartness as well as to improve recognition rates.
The Typography
Change are subtle but add ownership. Serf typeface brings a sense of agility, reflecting the smartness and elite nature of the brand.
The Identity
This simple yet distinctive and refined identity allowed introducing a coherence across all of Kapitan Projects communication and has become an integral part of their brand collaterals.