L’Avyanna is a cosmetics company aimed at retailing and wholesaling natural skin care products to the satisfaction of our customers' beauty needs. All their products are hypoallergenic – suitable for all skin types, sulphate and paraben free. They believe that good skin health boosts the immune system, wellbeing and helps fight the common skin problems caused by today’s hectic lifestyles and our environment. Therefore they work with leading skincare manufacturers to produce a range of high performance, luxury but affordable cosmetic products that deliver amazing results, every time.


Skin Care / London, Great Britain


Communication strategy / Visual identity / Packaging / Printing


Our prior design issue is to create a correct, unique and recognisable visual identity to replace the previous look which is not conveying the correct brand nature and personality. L’Avyanna has a variety of product ranges, to differentiate them as well as to keep consistency is another challenge.


We put away the ‘chemical’ visual elements, and created a visual identity refresh conveying the senses of healthy, nature and modern. The result improved the look and feel to a new level. The brand successfully obtained an additional investment of 100k and the products had appeared on 2015 VOGUE and GQ magazines. With our help, till 2019 the brand has gradually obtained 75k followers on Instagram.


We chose the idea of ‘the broken leaf’ to represent the essence of nature and health, using an unique shape and colour to distinguish L’Avyanna with her competitors. At the same time, clearly build the consistency throughout the entire brand image. We design the typeface with a graceful style to convey the essence of modernity of the young brand and her product. 3 colour ways are used to distinguish the product ranges.The overall images are simple and memorable.


A well designed visual style not only conveys the quality but a sense of modernised lifestyle, reflecting the healthy nature of the brand within.


'qilinstudio brought our dream to life through their innovative designs that best interprets what we were looking for. We were particularly impressed by the thoroughness and commitment dedicated to our project as well as the aftercare to ensure that their design guarantees the best outcomes for their client. I will recommend qilinstudio any day.' – Dr May Ikeora, L’Avyanna Skin Naturals