Nowadays, exhibition generates huge carbon footprint and cost people time and money to travel. People except to visit exhibition virtually, at any time, from anywhere. During the period of CoV, we build the Infinite Island virtual expo platform from scratch, it is a new exhibition alternative of future insight, creativity, sustainability, communication and joy, that available for website and all smart devices users.


Virtual Expo / London, Great Britain


Brand Strategy / Visual Identity / Digital / UI&UX


Due to the rapidly growth of online activities, the Infinite Island brand is facing pressure from the speed-marketing. The brand was challenged by developing a cutting-edge exhibition platform that would be founded on delivering a powerful combination of innovative design concepts and game experience - a unique and ultimate online experience like no others.


We build Infinite Island from scratch with our own technology and 3D engine. Its real size is 300,000 km and the hall and all the products are rendered out to real physical dimensions. The futuristic topics brings the most innovative ideas to the audience, and the Conference Hall allows the users to communicate through forum message and live chats. An intuitive searching user interface and an interactive floorpan ensures that the platform is easy to navigate and the best content is always found first. And the 'Fly Mode' gives the users 100% freedom to be able to travel to anywhere and anyone they want. The high-end UI and 3D design are seamlessly implemented with programming technique. A new accessible, flexible visual identity system delivers on this brand personality shift, informing an overall look and feel that’s proprietary, identifiable and distinctive from competitors.


We created an identity to realise the imaginative potential of Infinite Island. As well as being instantly recognisable, the visual identity is intuitive, enabling consumers to understand the overall image, and showcase the endless high-tech possibilities on offer.


Infinite Island is responsive for all device from IOS and Andrew touch screen to website version large screen. The user interface design is made up of a number of core elements. The simplicity of the user interface helps the users to learn quickly and keep their focus on the exhibition. The dark colour theme gives the sense of feeling of high-tech and enduring. When these signature elements combined, we create a distinctive, consistent and memorable digital brand expression.

Outdoor Experience

The shape of the island demonstrates the symbol of infinity. The Innovation Centre and the Art and Culture Center is located symmetrically in the middle, which are used to display the most advanced technology and products and modern art pieces. There are more exhibition halls on left and right wings, including indoor and outdoor activity areas, real estate exhibition areas, aviation exhibition areas, yacht exhibition halls and water exhibition areas.

Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre is a forceful marketing place with 3 floors featuring elite and popular products for sustainable business.

Conference Hall

It's built for business pitch, product launch and networking, a global connection of services and industries, products and users for opportunities at 24/7.