‘Zimmer’ in German means ‘room’ signifies Christy’s art room, a great place of inspiration for producing creative artworks. Christy’s Art Zimmer stands for one of the most innovative and stylish pearl jewellery brands. It’s designed for women who love fashion and pursue a simple, elegant taste in gold, silver and naturally grown pearls.


Jewellery / Basel, Switzerland


Communication strategy / Visual identity / Brand collateral design / Print / Photography / Web design & development / Art direction


Growing organically by word-of-mouth, in order to attract customers more effectively, Christy hired us to create a consistent and seamless visual communication system to showcase the brand's nature with a premium sense of feeling and bilingual languages.


During 2 months time, from re-worked logotype, to well-constructed website, we gave Christy a brand look refresh. Now the brand obtained the sense of hand-crafting, luxury and fashion natures within, a brand with a premium price. We also designed a series of look-books for the jewellery to reinforce the exhibition and business pitches.


We have designed a variety of printing implementations specially for the look books, to achieve the final effect of full cohesiveness and impression of ultimate quality the products always deserved.


A minimalism style and responsiveness has been implemented to the online store.


During the last 6 months I have been working with Adam for my independent project in relation to Jewellery & Art. This young, professional, ambitious and reliable man is foreseeable one of the most talented graphic designers in its field. From an art perspective, the projects and designing which had been created are absolutely fantastic and speechless. They are highly appreciated. – Christy Peng, Christy’s Art Zimmer.