As a high-end culture-exchange events, Boodles Tennis Challenge China is originated from The Boodles (Boodles Challenge). In coordination with Boodles, a luxury jeweller, it was initially founded by veteran sports agent Patricio Apey as an event to help players hone their grass court skills in the lead-up to Wimbledon. In 2014 summer, the event landed in Hangzhou City in China for its first time of east-meet-west.


Tennis Tournament / 10 Major Cities, China


Communication strategy / Visual Identity / Brand collateral design / Print management / Creative Direction / Advertising


We are challenged by, fundamentally, using visual design to help British historical concept to adapt Chinese market. We need to design in bilingual system, keep high legibility high as well as remain the original luxury style of Boodles. For printing, we are challenged by the distinctive level of the quality that builds the touch points of every VIP customer's journey.


We decided to have the original core element remained, at the same time developed a Chinese visual identity. When combine these elements with the photography of invited tennis stars, we created a identity refresh of sporty and elite life style.


We remain the diamond shape from The Boodles logo and developed it further with due language typeface, conveys a feel of quality and exclusive and premium.


To reduce the first-contact feeling of visual weight, the stationery items were much less loaded with vivid visuals. We took a more elegant approach and created all pieces by ductile paper.


This event invited the editor of China VOUGE, the head of sport department of Liaoning Province and many other celebrities and hundreds of tennis fans. The sponsors included Zenith, Head and many other well-known brand.