As one of China's four well-known traditional distilled liquor brands, Luzhou Laojiao is facing the challenge of modernisation. At the same time, the Australian Open is facing the same situation. In order to keep pace with the times and maintain a leading position, two centuries-old brands from the East and the West will cooperate for the first time to create an amateur tennis tournament that cross 10 major cities in mainland China and finally return to Melbourne stadium.


Tennis Tournament / 10 Major Cities, China


Brand Strategy / Visual Identity / Print / Installation / Digital / Brand Collaterals


First of all, only one of the two brands can be strengthened as the ‘hero’, which means that the other brand will serve as a foil, and we are hired to give a reasonable plan. Secondly, the two great brands have deep and different historical and cultural backgrounds, as well as the visions for the future. We need to digest and understand them in a short period of time, then dig deeper to find out the visualisable intersection in bilingual context.


Strategically, we worked closely with WME l IMG Shanghai, with many years of experience in branding for boutique tennis events and projects that integrate both Chinese and Western cultural, we quickly decided to take Chinese brands as the ‘hero brand’. The concept of "positive energy" was selected in many proposed concepts, which not only an extension of the visual identity system of brand Guojiao 1573, but also incorporates the core elements of the Australian Open visual identity. In order to reinforce the visual communication, we followed the brand Guojiao 1573 well-known colour theme and tone of voice. And for the Chinese and English bilingual system, and once again visually blended them together perfectly.


The visual language (positive power) features three dimensional moving energy band with gradience colour effect which is a reference to the movement trace of the tennis ball as well as a shard of Pentagram in the logo, which evokes the visual qualities and the graphic forms of the identity of Guoujiao 1573 and Australian Open.


We have designed a variety of printing implementations specially for the performance polo shirts, to achieve the final effect of full cohesiveness and impression of ultimate quality the products always deserved.


To increase the awareness of this events and invite the tennis players to register the tournament, we designed an online H5 invitation mini program on WeChat social media platform, our visual concept are fully animated with sound and finally became alive.


The colour theme has been implemented in all touch points through out the players journey from the entrance of the stadiums to the seat.


This event achieved congratulatory results across 10 major cities in China mainland. In June 2019, the online H5 invitation received 13k traffic in the first day. In 5 months time, the online traffic of this tournament hits 6.219 million with 15,000 interactions on Chinese Weibo social media platform.