Megaleague Sports Limited is a company founded to design and manage a planned family of ball games to be playable by teams and individuals on smartphones, tablets, PC and other devices and on TV shows.
Completely different to video games and in-line with the predicted areas of gaming growth in 2015, the company is creating an online/mobile social media e-sports game platform. As a business our core proposition, refined to its most pure; is creating, packaging and selling access to allow fans to interact with content and display and prove their knowledge!
Industry / Location
Mobile Game / Ipswich, UK
Scope of Work
Communication strategy / Visual identity / Brand collateral design / Photography / Print management / Web design & development / Game development / Creative direction
z_device group
As the first game of Megaleague Sport platform, the overall presentation of MegaLeagueSoccer is vitally important, and as a knowledge game, the challenge is not charactor-animation production but a super complex game-flow system, co-ordinating with game designers and programming partners.
Solution & Impact
Our goal is to create the Beta version for MLS mobile game, to visualise a complex idea. As a solution, we firstly spent 3 weeks on researching for football game on mobile phone, and another 3 weeks on visual identity design, the chosen concept conveys an energetic sense of feeling allowing MLS to become recognisable and alive. There are 4 weeks time that we working on the game-flow planning, we transformed the flow chats to visual presentation, created the look and feel of the game. By working closely with our programming partner, we created MLS Beta.
The Identity
We choose the orange colour and energy-flow pattern to clearly convey the senses of power and passion. The pattern is creative and adaptable. We extended the pattern to variety forms and adapted them into all marketing channels.
logo on black & white -01
The Print
We applied the variousness and motion of the energy flow that conveys a sense of dynamic.
The App
We also tasked to simplify the complexity and create the look and feel of the game through the use of graphic.


I have been working with Adam on a design project where he has taken the lead in understanding complex ideas and creating design solutions. After 30 years leading designers, I consider him one of the best new talents it has been my pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.
– Symon Blomfield, MegaLeagueSoccer.