Christy Art Zimmer

‘Zimmer’ in German means ‘room’ signifies Christy’s art room, a great place of inspiration for producing creative artworks. Christy’s Pearls stands for one of the most innovative and stylish pearl jewellery brands. It’s designed for women who love fashion and pursue an simple, elegant taste in gold, silver and naturally grown pearls.
Industry / Location
Jewellery / Basel, Switzerland

Scope of Work

Communication strategy / Visual identity / Brand collateral design / Print management / Web design & development / Art direction
The Problem


Christy Art Zimmer found us in 2015. We learnt that the brilliant pearl design product were rely on word-of-mouth marketing strategy. As an organic way to grow, it is steady but slow, as it only can reach limited numbers of potential clients. We also found that the overall visual experience needs a shift to a higher aesthetic level, specially for the nature of luxury and fashion within. In this way the offline experience would no more become an issue.
Solution & Impact


Listened to Christy’s story and initial ideas, we decided to switch the marketing channel from mainly offline to online, by re-design the look and feel for Christy Art Zimmer, building an online platform with e-commerce and digital marketing. Within 2 month time, from re-worked logotype, to well-constructed website, the overall brand presentation has been dramatically improved. As a brand new hand-made jewellery designer brand, with luxury, fashion nature within, the result fully matches the brand self. The look-book has been supporting Christy’s partnership building and offline marketing effectively, and the graceful look of the website attracted and held large mounts of new customers.
The Concept


Christy Art Zimmer and Christy’s Pearls are founder based name and the Logo is originated from Christy’s hand-writing. There are valid reasons for which a client may not want to change their logo despite it being outdated and falling into the category of memorabilia. By applying better constructed typography in duel languages, conceptualised photography and redesigning the brand mark, we manage to present the client with an overall product of higher quality.
The Identity


A hand-writing signature not only conveys the ownership and authority but a sense of freedom of creativity, reflecting the hand-made nature of the brand within.
zimmer card big
The Website


We also tasked with creating a responsive website to reinforce Christy Art Zimmer’s digital presentation.


During the last 6 months I have been working with Adam for my independent project in relation to Jewellery & Art. This young, professional, ambitious and reliable man is foreseeable one of the most talented graphic designers in its field. From an art perspective, the projects and designing which had been created are absolutely fantastic and speechless. They are highly appreciated.
– Christy Peng, Christy’s Art Zimmer.