China Elite Tennis Challenge

The event is originated from The Boodles in UK where the celebrities could play tennis with the world top ranked players. This is the first time the events landed in Hangzhou City, China. Chinese tennis players and celebrities meet 4 of the world Top.10 players…
Industry / Location
Events Creative Curator of IPCN / UK & Shanghai

Scope of Work

Communication strategy / Visual Identity / Brand collateral design / Print management / Web design & development / Creative Direction Consulting


In its inaugural year of 2002, the Boodle and Dunthorne Champions Challenge (now The Boodles Challenge) quickly established itself as one of the ‘must attend’ summer social gatherings, giving guests the opportunity to mingle at close quarters with the world’s tennis elite.
The Concept


After exploring the history of The Boodles Challenge and its founder brand Boodles, we found the way to develop the luxury concept to elite and sporty. We decided to remain the original concept, not change the symbol, and based on which we developed a new communication system which suits Chinese environment . By applying better constructed typography in duel languages, conceptualised photography and redesigning the brand mark, we manage to present the client with an overall product of higher quality.
The Visual Identity


We remain the diamond shape from The Boodles logo and developed it further with due language typeface, conveys a feel of elite, luxury and sporty.
The Print


To reduce the first-contact feeling of visual weight, the stationery items were much less loaded with vivid visuals. We took a more elegant approach and created all pieces by ductile paper.