About Us

We’re an ambitious London based branding agency, made up of experienced consultant, writers, designers, photographers and programmers, uniquely geared Branding and Cross-Culture Communication Design.
Our purpose is to help you develop your business, engage clients and attractive ideal customers more effectively as well as differentiate with quality others, by visually communicating your value and credibility.
In partnership with experienced business consultants and strategist, we have created distinctive work for start-ups, tech companies, luxury brands and events, charities and many other sectors around the world, mainly from UK and China. Our services and methodology not only creates foundation for coherent brand experience, but also relevant to a global marketplace that cross boundary for UK, China and international business.
Project Lead / Founder

• Brand Identity
• Creative Direction
• Design Implementation
• Project Management
Business Consultant
• Business Development
• Finance Planning
• Copywriting
Maketing Strategist
• Marketing Strategy
• Marketing Implementation
• Profile Raising
• Web Frontend
• Backend Developement
• Digital Implementation
Christy Art Zimmer
Jewellery / Basel, Switzerland
Mobile Game / Ipswich, Great Britain
China Elite Tennis Challenge
Sport Events / Shanghai, China
Kapitan Projects
IT Solutions / London, Great Britain